BOFU (Bottom Of FUnnel) “Phone Inquiry” System

Step 1:  Stop Leaking (and Losing) Leads Who Call. 

Losing  Phone Inquiries is Bad for Business.

Do you know how many calls you get per month? If there is no inquiry capture process that puts contact info into a marketing database for follow-up and nurture those surgery opportunties will be lost.  

You're probably paying a lot of money to make your phone ring.   It's mostly wasted without a process like this.  

What happens if the prospective patient is not quite ready to schedule an eval or make a commitment to buy surgery?  Without this process, those who are not immediately ready to buy are probably dying on the vine.

All current marketing investments in brand building and name recognition must be enhanced with simple lead capture assets once a prospect takes action and calls you.

What to do?

Solution: No calls left behind. 

Set Up a Phone Inquiry Marketing System. 

Get A LASIK Marketing Database  

  • Captured contact info goes into a database used for email marketing
  • Each type of inquiry is tagged for the service of choice and aggregated as a list

Get A LASIK Phone Inquiry Capture Form

  • Each inquiry form captures not only basic contact info but info relevant to the service of choice
  • If needed, a service type may have more than one kind of inquiry form
  • Forms are connected to the marketing database and automatically feed leads

Step 2:  Follow Up Every Inbound Inquiry. 

Email Automation bring Big Benefits.

Get A Email Marketing Follow-up System

  • Email nurturing sequences nurture “not quite ready to purchase” inquiries
  • Email sequences can also keep prospect from shopping further, build rapport and develop trust in the practice as they are educated about their choice.
  • Because of the level of pt. education that can be delivered, the staff member productivity can be increased. They don’t have to keep answering the same basic questions that every pt. seems to have. Pt. has been informed prior to their appt.
  • Email sequences have specific purpose - first email sequence builds authority, credibility and expertise in the reader’s mind so they begin to like and trust OE.  The second sequence pre-frames issues by leading the reader through the objections they are most likely to have, presented as FAQs, and thus reducing resistance to making a positive decision to proceed

Step 3:  Handoff from Marketing to Sales (Don't Drop the Baton!) 

You're only as good as your Sales Pipeline.

Get A Sales System

  • Once call is captured, a new opportunity is created in your sales pipeline.
  • Sales Pipelines are how your staff person moves the lead to scheduled surgery.  
  • At any time, the lead can be moved into another pipeline if the prospect becomes disqualified. Ex: LASIK is not an option for them; they need to be moved into the Optical Pipeline or perhaps the Cataract Pipeline.