Counter-Intuitive Refractive Marketing Systems

That Convert Callers (and Visitors) To Patients

Refractive Marketing Systems

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Refractive TOFU (Top Of Funnel)
"Lead Magnet" System

RefractiveMOFU (Middle Of Funnel)
"Get Prices" System

Refractive BOFU (Bottom Of Funnel)
"Phone Inquiry" System

Imagine A System

Capable of  Automatically  Marketing

To (Almost) 100% Of  Refractive Callers


We Specialize In Premium Services Marketing Systems for 

Elite Ophthalmic Practices

Peter is a practicing ophthalmologist specializing in laser refractive and cornea and cataract surgery. As the son of an ophthalmologist, he has seen first-hand many of the changes affecting the practice and delivery of healthcare.

As a result, his interest in the role of strategy and marketing for ophthalmology practices led him to write 

"The Ultimate Ophthalmic Marketing Guide"

Peter J Polack MD FACS


Becky Smith

Becky contributes to the overall product management and customer development vision for the company. She has worked with startups Informania and Viviance as VP Healthcare Solutions.

The strategic initiatives she launched in a global

 firm included developing Alliance Partnerships,

and positioning offers within multiple

healthcare sectors. 

Becky Smith

Head of marketing