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How Much is Your Practice Losing in Lost Leads?

New, Proven Funnel Applied to Inbound Calls Can Sell More Surgeries

You  Can't Afford to Lose A Single One!

Instantly Plug Premium Services Lead Leaks with F.U.E.L. Funnels

Your Practice May Be Losing Thousands of

Premium Services Dollars Each Month

If This One Thing Is Missing

Every practice pays marketing expenses to make their phone ring. But, sadly, most inquiries are not captured nor are they followed up. This is because the practice has no FUEL (Follow Up Every Lead) Strategy.

Regardless of the inquiry source - Phone, Web, Social, Professional Referral, Patient Referral, Online Reputation - every one of these traffic sources brings in thousands of dollars in elective procedure opportunities.

Only by doing what your competitor doesn't do can you prevail. Relying on message pink slips and "Call for Appointment" buttons is not sufficient in today's competitive local environment.

Most practices are using the same "traditional" marketing that all their competitors use. But what they really need is a measurable and affordable system to grow premium services sales. A system that helps them close every qualified caller. And that's what a FUEL Funnel does.

How To Get Started

All it takes is 3 simple steps!

1. Watch FUEL Funnel Video Below

Watch the video below that showcases a FUEL Funnel.  The map in the video shows a sample LASIK FUEL Funnel to capture and automatically followup 100% of the phone inquiries your practice receives. It can be used for all premium services.

2. Get the

FUEL Funnel Map

Click the button next to the video and you'll jump to the online sample map.  You can see in great detail all the elements that go into it.  Once you see how it can work, you can tell your marketing department  to make it or call us for help.

3.  That's It -

You're In!

On the map is a call to action to text or call us and learn how to get access to our proprietary map editor so you can personalize it for your practice (plus get more free maps).  

Click on the button below to get the F.U.E.L Funnel Map shown in the video FREE!

Get Control of Your Marketing with the Core 4 Strategies

You practice evidence-based medicine, don't you? Now it's time to practice evidence-based marketing.

Your marketing should be based on scientific measurement like key performance indicators or conversion point statistics.

Rather than spending your marketing budget arbitrarily, spend it with certainty that your investment is paying off.  Stop falling for  analytics that look at fuzzy metrics like clicks and likes.  Core 4 Marketing Strategy Maps of your campaigns identify critical success data so you can make informed decisions from accurate forecasting

Start with Phone and Then Add Web And Social FUEL (Follow Up Every Lead) Funnel Strategy Maps

You can't know how many opportunities for premium services are slipping through the cracks if you don't have a systematic process for capturing and track every lead that comes to your practice, regardless of the channel.

Capture every phone inquiry for your practice service lines - Premium Cataract, Refractive, Aesthetics, Optical, Dry Eye, and Hearing - and patch up the leaks in your Premium Services business with FUEL (FollowUp Every Lead) Funnel Strategies and Maps.

Reputation Marketing Machine (Because Reputation Management is Obsolete)

Are you marketing your reviews or simply managing them? If you are merely collecting patient reviews on one or two directories, prospective patients may not be aware of your great reputation.

This is because you are not using a system of process that Builds, Manages and Markets your online reputation. Reputation Marketing Machine marries the premiere physician reputation management system available today, Doctor.com,  with our exclusive video and social review marketing services.

We Work With

Opthalmologists interested in becoming better practice marketers

You understand the importance of effective practice marketing but want more tools and strategies to get the job done

Physicians who are frustrated with their practice marketing performance

You're discouraged about how much your practice spends on marketing and can't really figure out the return on your investment.

Medical practice marketing directors

Your practice owners have directed you to get the most bang for their buck by boosting premium cash-pay services in the most cost-effective way possible.

Imagine Following Up Each and Every Caller Who Shows Interest In Your Practice
(AND... You Can Start Instantly With Our FREE Map)

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We Specialize In Growth Strategies and Marketing Services for Elite Ophthalmic Practices

Peter is a practicing ophthalmologist specializing in laser refractive and cornea and cataract surgery. As the son of an ophthalmologist, he has seen first-hand many of the changes affecting the practice and delivery of healthcare.

As a result, he has had for many years an interest in the role of technology and marketing as it relates to medical practices.

Peter J Polack MD FACS


Becky Smith

Becky contributes to the overall product management and customer development vision for the company. From her work with dot com startups Informania and Viviance as VP Healthcare Solutions, the strategic initiatives she launched in a global E-learning firm included developing Alliance Partnerships, and positioning offers within multiple healthcare sectors. 

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