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Reputation Marketing - Reputation Ad Sample

This is a design that can produce ad sets for every ad buy your media buyers want to make.  Normally we produce about 20 different sizes in a set and then any format that the ad servers need we are prepared.  If you'd like to have an ad set made from a 5 star review you received, please email [email protected]

Reputation Marketing - Social Cover Sample

Most practices don't think of their social media covers (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) as billboards.  Just think of how many people will see your 5 star review if you promote it on a Social Billboard.  If you'd like a set of social billboards made for reviews of your practice or individual physicians, please get in touch with us. Just email [email protected]

Reputation Video Commercial

Use a great review in a 60 second video commercial. Syndicate it to Google My Business (Google loves videos on your GMB page and gives you SEO juice for video content), Facebook, YouTube and other social sites.  Feel free to reach out via email and we'll be happy to show you how affordable a Reputation Video Commercial can be.  

Email [email protected]